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About us

Soldering irons have been with us for many years. They give us the ability to join two pieces of iron together. If you are tired of spending money finding the right person to repair lose wires in the house, you should consider soldering yourself. Modern-day soldering irons are compact, easy to use and are energy efficient. Some come with safety features that reduce the chances of setting your house on fire.

Finding the right soldering iron can be a challenge. With so many products available in the market consumers are lost for choice. For domestic use, you are looking for something affordable while at the same time comfortable to the hands. You also do not want something that takes ages to heat up. We can help you make the right choice through our well researched, easy to read buying guides. Our team has studied and used some top models in the market, which gives us the necessary credibility when it comes to recommendations.

David, our lead blogger, has been involved in home improvement projects for the last ten years. He has seen how homeowners suffer when it comes to small repairs. The problems range from lousy workmanship, wrong tools to inflated repair prices. The home repair industry is mostly unregulated resulting in the industry been prone to abuse. Most of the home repairs consist of small jobs that you can do yourself like repairing your son’s bike, soldering kitchen electrical appliances to vehicle oil change. It is with this in mind that David decided to start this blog – to help consumers save costs by doing soldering themselves.

When it comes to soldering irons, the heating mechanism plays a vital role. Modern models have thermostats to control heat. They also take little time to heat up. If you are like most consumers who have never purchased a soldering iron in their life, then you can get confused when you decide to purchase one. There different brands in the market each having several soldering iron models to their name. Our buying guides are meant to save you money and time. Instead of purchasing one product after another and still facing disappointment, you can peruse our guides for recommendations on the right product for you. We have worked with some of the top brands and have used some of their products. This gives us the required credibility in preparing these buying guides. Grab some popcorn and enjoy this ride.